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World Premiere: New Track by GREENLEAF!


Doomed & Stoned is proud to have been chosen to premiere a brand new track by the legendary Scandinavian collective GREENLEAF. “Ocean Deep” comes from Greenleaf’s brand new album Trails And Passes (2014 - Small Stone Recordings), which officially releases May 13th. The new record follows the critically acclaimed album Nest of Vipers (2012 - Small Stone Recordings) and is their fourth full-length.

Greenleaf is: 

  • Arvid Jonsson : Vocals
  • Tommi Holappa : Guitar (Dozer)
  • Bengt Bäcke : Bass (Demon Cleaner)
  • Sebastian Olsson : Drums

Trails And Passes includes the following tracks: 

  1. Our Mother Ash
  2. Ocean Deep
  3. Equators
  4. Depth Of The Sun
  5. Humans
  6. With Eyes Wide Open
  7. The Drum
  8. Bound To Be Machines
  9. Trails & Passes

Recommended for anyone who loves the heavy stoner retro vibe of Monster Magnet, Sasquatch, Lowrider, and especially Dozer and Truckfighters.   

Preorder your copy here or here.


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