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Doomed & Stoned Podcast Explores THE WIZARD EFFECT!

The latest Doomed & Stoned Podcast is here! Originally aired on Sunday, July 27th via Grip of Delusion Radio, this episode explores ‘The Wizard Effect'—bands and songs inspired by ELECTRIC WIZARD. This episode features the music of: GoyaStonenrowDopelordSalem’s PotCoughUzala, and Demon Lung. ALSO! New music by The Hicks,HogslayerElectric WizardBlues PillsJohn Wilkes BoothRED FANG, and Fellwoods.
We even manage time for a preview of that August 8th concert with Paranaut (making their return after a several years in hiatus), DisenchanterMammoth Salmon, coming to The Know in Portland.  Hope you dig…!


A Doomed & Stoned Summer Playlist (Part I)

I asked each of our contributors to share the songs they’re listening to as the hot, sticky days of July move into the even toastier days of August. Melissa, host of the daily live-blogging music show Wake ‘n’ Bake, gives us ten songs that conjure the lazy days of summer for her.  

  1. Sleep “The Druid”

  2. Fu Manchu “King Of The Road”

  3. Black Sabbath “Sabbra Cadabra”

  4. Pentagram “Relentless”

  5. Spirit Caravan “Burnin’ In”

  6. Church Of Misery “Born To Raise Hell”

  7. Wasted Theory “Hellfire Ritual”

  8. Slo Burn “Pilot The Dune”

  9. Kyuss “Demon Cleaner”

10. High On Fire “Snakes For The Divine”

NOLA-Inspired Sludge from Scotland!

Now this was an interesting find: a sludge metal trio from Aberdeen that describes itself as “heavily inspired by the sound of Louisiana, enduring low pay and shitty weather, tuned low and played slow.”  It’s DEATH WATCH and they’ve been playing now for half-a-decade.  This is their latest collection of tracks, released earlier this year (the band is currently unsigned).  Thanks to The Sludgelord for the original post.


Trippy, Acid-Soaked Vid from ELECTRIC WIZARD

This ELECTRIC WIZARD music video appeared out of nowhere this morning on the band’s YouTube page. The doings of lead singer/guitarist/mastermind Jus Oborn, perhaps?  He likes to tinker with video now and again.  In other news, pre-orders/bundles for ‘Time To Die’ started today. 


This will get your day started. From Lambsburg, Virginia “repare to be confounded by the audacious, audial onslaught of this low-down, dirty band of bow-legged, box-ankled, lantern- jawed, crooked-nosed, wall-eyed, gun-totin’, goozle-chopping, cat-hamed pukes.” Yep, it’s southern sludge metal at just about it’s best. This is the: Demo EP 2014 by LAMPERJAW.  I believe it’s set to start on the last track, but it definitely deserves to be heard from the first moving forward. 


Over the weekend, I shared the brand new album Gyromancer (2014) by Oregon’s adventurous doomers FELLWOODS. If you haven’t heard their 2011 debut, Wulfram (2011), mein gott are you gonna love me for introducing you. Think of a cross between Kadavar and Sleep…jettisoned into outer space.


p.s. Fellwoods has been added to our Doomed & Stoned in Portland compilation, now at 62 bands and available por nada.  

D&S Pick of the Week: Kröwnn

Kröwnn is:

  • Michele el Lello Carnielli - Vocals, Guitars
  • Silvia Selvaggia Rossato - Bass Guitar
  • Elena Fiorenzano - Drums

Kröwnn is at it again. I first discovered them last year when their demo Hyborian Age (2013) caught my attention (see our interview and exposition of the album, here), and I immediately became a fan. They took the classic doom that we all love (reminiscent of Saint Vitus and Pentagram), then added in just enough fuzzy guitar tone and feedback to make it heavier. On top of that, the deep vocals are interesting and powerful. I looked at the cover art and saw a wizard lost in a strange place. This completed the whole package because their lyrics are based from the works created by fantasy authors such as Tolkein and Martin.

Album art is very important to me, and Kröwnn uses their art to portray an imagery representative of the album. Magnnafröst, their latest (released in June 16th), seems to pick up where Hyborian Age left off. I look at the cover art and see a wizard offering me his sword, the sky lit with terrifying eyes. A voyage is about to begin.

Kröwnn - MAGMAFRÖST (2014)

  1. Bennu (intro) (1:26)
  2. Skeksis Dance (7:04)

  3. Wyvernking (8:19)
  4. Wölfhunt (5:06)

  5. To Minas Morgul (7:07)
  6. Sleipnir (4:13)

  7. Forge Of Crom (8:10)
  8. Cernunnos (outro) (5:18)

Even if you don’t dig the fantasy theme, you gotta acknowledge how much ass these Venetians kick! This album is full of groovy 70’s-inspired classic doom riffs. The second track “Skeksis Dance” is a great example of this, and so is “Sleipnir.” Listen to “Wölfhunt,” which is my personal favorite, and you’ll experience something much more fuzzy, and full of a Sleep-esque vibe. The last track is appropriately a long outro. This song is truly amazing, full of elements you may not expect, like piano keys to set the tone with plenty of emotion. There are no vocals on this track, so you’ll get lost in a fantasy realm all your own.

Simply put, I just can’t say enough great things about Magnnafröst. Everything is executed so well, and is so creative to be it’s own thing, instead of a throwback to the early classic doom bands. Kröwnn has achieved a lot in such a short period of time and I’m very excited to see what will be next in their epic journey.


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