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Over the weekend, I shared the brand new album Gyromancer (2014) by Oregon’s adventurous doomers FELLWOODS. If you haven’t heard their 2011 debut, Wulfram (2011), mein gott are you gonna love me for introducing you. Think of a cross between Kadavar and Sleep…jettisoned into outer space.


p.s. Fellwoods has been added to our Doomed & Stoned in Portland compilation, now at 62 bands and available por nada.  

D&S Pick of the Week: Kröwnn

Kröwnn is:

  • Michele el Lello Carnielli - Vocals, Guitars
  • Silvia Selvaggia Rossato - Bass Guitar
  • Elena Fiorenzano - Drums

Kröwnn is at it again. I first discovered them last year when their demo Hyborian Age (2013) caught my attention (see our interview and exposition of the album, here), and I immediately became a fan. They took the classic doom that we all love (reminiscent of Saint Vitus and Pentagram), then added in just enough fuzzy guitar tone and feedback to make it heavier. On top of that, the deep vocals are interesting and powerful. I looked at the cover art and saw a wizard lost in a strange place. This completed the whole package because their lyrics are based from the works created by fantasy authors such as Tolkein and Martin.

Album art is very important to me, and Kröwnn uses their art to portray an imagery representative of the album. Magnnafröst, their latest (released in June 16th), seems to pick up where Hyborian Age left off. I look at the cover art and see a wizard offering me his sword, the sky lit with terrifying eyes. A voyage is about to begin.

Kröwnn - MAGMAFRÖST (2014)

  1. Bennu (intro) (1:26)
  2. Skeksis Dance (7:04)

  3. Wyvernking (8:19)
  4. Wölfhunt (5:06)

  5. To Minas Morgul (7:07)
  6. Sleipnir (4:13)

  7. Forge Of Crom (8:10)
  8. Cernunnos (outro) (5:18)

Even if you don’t dig the fantasy theme, you gotta acknowledge how much ass these Venetians kick! This album is full of groovy 70’s-inspired classic doom riffs. The second track “Skeksis Dance” is a great example of this, and so is “Sleipnir.” Listen to “Wölfhunt,” which is my personal favorite, and you’ll experience something much more fuzzy, and full of a Sleep-esque vibe. The last track is appropriately a long outro. This song is truly amazing, full of elements you may not expect, like piano keys to set the tone with plenty of emotion. There are no vocals on this track, so you’ll get lost in a fantasy realm all your own.

Simply put, I just can’t say enough great things about Magnnafröst. Everything is executed so well, and is so creative to be it’s own thing, instead of a throwback to the early classic doom bands. Kröwnn has achieved a lot in such a short period of time and I’m very excited to see what will be next in their epic journey.


Here’s the presser for We Lost the Skyline's progressive stoner debut, an album I was quite taken with:

"Today the new EP "A Little Bit Heavy" is released. Like the name suggests, both the music and the lyrics deal with a (little bit) heavy subject: the human existential crisis that comes for us all. Given the nature of our existence, the most rational thing to do is to question the rationality of the systems we’ve created to live by and sometimes die to protect.

“Through the burning battlefields that is the war to claim our consciousness we entered the studio and recorded four honest, dark and heavy songs that deal with the frustration growing inside the heart of every free thinker on this planet watching as human potential goes to waste in the name of God, Greed and Grief.

"All songs were recorded ‘live’ to capture synergy of our merry group of renegade, hard rocking philosophers."

We Lost The Skyline hails from Falun, Sweden.



New SLEEP T from Iconic NW Artist ARIK ROPER

How’s this for fun? New Sleep t-shirt from the one and only Arik Roper (a big inspiration behind Doomed & Stoned, and famous for his album art in stoner rock and doom metal circles). It’s being made available at shows through August, then online through the band’s merch store. All hail the mighty SLEEP!


Wanna know what else?  This


"So You’ve Chosen" may be the most singable new song I’ve heard this week. It’s metal in the oooooold school tradition we know and love here at Doomed & Stoned, brought to you by Swedish quad SATURN (and delivered via the one and only Rise Above Records). Any more stoner-doom like this and Sweden is officially getting the Lifetime Achievement Award.


Don’t you just hate good looking blondes who can also sing and play worth a damn?  Photo by Moa Carlsson


From the year 2037 comes the latest release of extra-dimensional progressive psych-rock by Portland, Oregon four-piece FELLWOODS. Ensconced in the doom-stoner tradition, yet reaching forward into the future, giving us a glimpse of the kind of jams we’ll perhaps all be playing together aboard spaceships destined for Earth II on the long trek across the galaxy.

Gyromancer by Fellwoodsis “a tale of world-ending catastrophe, united planetary construction efforts, undiscovered space dimensions and magic!” Stream all four tracks of the new album now, with the “name your own price” download option at the band’s Bandcamp page. While there, take a listen to the previous Fellwoods releases and if you dig ‘em, throw your support behind the band.



New EP just released by Wilmington, North Carolina’s TOKE. The first Demo EP (January 2014) just stopped me in my tracks - aggressive and dirty, yet with a doomy kind of blues that made me nod my head and smile. It was unusual and unique, in the best of ways.  Today gives rise to the new EP, 2 tracks for 2 dollars, 12 minutes of psychedelic goodness.  Witness your new high: High Friends In Low Places EP by Toke


More recommended new music! Just so you know, I don’t throw ANYTHING on here without listening to it first and liking it enough to share. So, take that for what it’s worth. So this is a band I heard about a week or so ago and was like, what’s up with that name? DOT LEGACY is a heavy band from France with what you might call a “neo-stoner” vibe. Or you could call it psych-rock. Whatever, it works. It’s VERY well done. Stream it, then pick up Dot Legacy (2014) to support the band and encourage them to record more of this perfection!


It’s time your your 2 minutes hate…well actually it’s an hour and five minutes, so…. Our bud Frank Huang from Pit Full of Shit and Metal Injection has just upped a full live set from EYEHATEGOD’s recent July 15th appearance at The Acheron.


p.s. In case your curious, here’s how EHG faired at The Acheron the year previous.  


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