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D&S Remembers ~ ‘Angels?’ by Jack Chick

Almost every North American has encountered them at some time or another: Chick Tracts.  No, they have nothing to do with girls or footprints. They are Evangelical Christian propaganda pieces designed to win lost souls to Jesus.  Usually, you’d run across these in truck stops, public restrooms, and small restaurants, mostly in the Bible Belt.  They’re a hoot and a holler—without really intending to be funny….at all.  In fact, they’re incredibly un-P.C. and these days offensive even to many Christians.

Here’s one of my favorite from c. 1986, published during the heart of the “Satanic Panic” (a lot of you have no idea what I’m talking about, but I lived through it as a child and it was scary believing that there were Satanists out there waiting to poison Halloween candy and demons cleverly disguised to take advantage of Cinderella ballads and MTV videos).  Ah, those were the days.  

This was also the era that saw the growth of big Christian media—PTL, TBN, Jimmy Swaggart, Robert Tilton, Christian book stores in malls, and the biggest Evangelical weapon of all: Christian Rock.  Heavy music, with a distinctively Christian message.  Now, let’s be clear even though bands like Styper may seem innocuous compared to big hair bands that were scaring Christian parents, like Motley Crue, there was a segment of the fundamentalist church that was having none of rock stars in spandex singing about The Lord.  No sir.  That’s kind of what this tract warns about—in the space of 20 or so pages, Jack Chick warns of the evils of BOTH heavy metal AND Christian rock.  

Oh, and we don’t do trigger warnings here, so don’t expect any lame-ass warnings about shocking or offensive content to follow, m’kay?

Ok, so I don’t have all of the frames and I haven’t checked on the J.T. Chick website to see if they’re online (they still sell them, even though Jack Chick is deceased and the tracts themselves are incredibly outdated).  You’ll probably see a few around October on account of Halloween (Chick’s favorite holiday to hate).  If you care to go further down the rabbit hole, there’s always  

There are also some pretty funny videos on YouTube that take on the bewildering inconsistencies of the Chick worldview (I’ll be sharing more in future posts to break up the music a little).  

You know by now I’m a sucker for two things: covers and compilation. This one comes straight out of the Russian Federation, on a label called (No Name).  Or should I say “not called”?  That’s just it.  The label literally has no name, and yet it kind of does by default.  Anyways, you’ll find some recognizable names like The Grand Astoria and Pressor, who we’ve covered as our Artist of the Week. Best of all: 2 Years of Dependency (2014) is free. Word has it that someone from the label also shared our Doomed & Stoned in Portland compilation with Russian doom-stoner fans:  so cheers to that, and cheers all around! Happy Friday.



Remember that CVLT Nation cover album of Master of Reality that came out earlier in the year, featuring all kinds of heavy bands from PRIMITIVE MAN toUsnea to BONGRIPPER? Well, today they’ve gone and done it again, this time covering YET ANOTHER Black Sabbath album: ‘Paranoid: The CVLT Nation Sessions,’ and enlisting the help of Bog OakMonolordMourning CloakKeeperAct of Impalement and other lesser known bands from the heavy underground that we’re all going to get to know real well from here on out! 

CVLT Nation, you’ve outdone yourself once again. 
Mastered by Black Matter Mastering Now, listening time!!


Photo: BLACK SABBATH Paranoid: The CVLT Nation Sessions...

One of the best splits of the year from four great Mexican heavy bands: El Ahorcado, Terror Cósmico, Vinnum Sabbathi, Weedsnake, each with one track in this Split (2014 - Los Grises). Lots of doom-sludge and stoner-psych goodness to enjoy here.  BTW, look for our new compilation Doomed & Stoned in Mexico, giving you a taste of what you’ve been missing in the heavy underground just south of the border (coming in October!).


                                        Cover art by Guro

Finally, we can hear the whole damned thing! To call them legends seems, well, obligatory. These are the guys who taught me what sludge was all about: HORN OF THE RHINO (formerly just Rhino). For the past two months they’ve been teasing us with a track here, a track there on their Bandcamp page and now the limied edition digipack of Summoning Deliverance (2014) is availalbe for streaming and download. From what I’ve heard already, there’s lots of promise in this now their (what? 3rd, 4th) FIFTH release!

As we shared in past updates, the goal of this release was to work closely with the conceptual artwork of Nick Keller (you’ll have to get the CD/LP to see it all, I understand) as conceptual fuel for the lyrics, which are very apocalyptic in nature. Hell, the very first track (“Awaiting the Scourge”) sets the tone with what sounds like the rhythm of bombing taking place just across town. Then we jump into a full scale rhythmic attack of another kind—and ugly lament called “.
Exvenhstench.” And then…wait, am I sort of reviewing this thing as I listen? Haha, that wasn’t really my intention. Tell you what, let me give it a proper going over and then I’ll be back to tell you what I think!


Doomed & Stoned Podcast - Uninvited Fest Preview (part 2)!


Did you miss Sunday night’s Doomed & Stoned broadcast on Grip of Delusion Radio? Well, now you can hear it as a podcast to help you get through Hump Day! I guarantee you’ll enjoy this one, because it’s about one of the last great doom-stoner festivals of the summer (Autumn, remember is just five days away!). I’m speaking, of course, about UNINVITED, taking play in Brooklyn, New York this Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (September 18-21). We are VERY EXCITED to confirm that Doomed & Stoned has obtained press credentials and will be sending a correspondent and photographer to cover the action! 

What action am I talking about? Well, you’ll have to listen to the Doomed & Stoned Podcast to find out (see synopsis below). Believe me, you will not be disappointed! Oh, and if you are on the East Coast thinking about attending to the event, there is camping option. Details at: continued covered of UNINVITED FESTIVAL, stay glued to our bitchin’ lil blog:!

Doomed & Stoned 

Doomed & Stoned Podcast: DESCRIPTION: 

Last week, we spent the podcast exploring each and every band coming to the first two days of the last big bash of the summer: UNINVITED FEST in Brooklyn. In this week’s podcast (originally broadcast live on September 14th on Grip of Delusion Radio:, BillyGoat and virtual sidekick Frank from King Ravën unpack the final two days of filth and fun (with lots of juicy tidbits to share about each of the bands!). Before we do, though, four new singles by Orange GoblinWITCHNIPPLEThe Well and The Order Of Israfel

Then, in hour one, we get down to business. UNINVITED DAY III opens with Rosamov (which was added after the recording of this podcast), SummonerRuby the HatchetOrder of the OwlLecherous GazeElectric CitizenThe ShrineOrchid AND the surprise late addition Scott “Wino” Weinrich (Saint Vitus, The Obsessed). 

In the second and final hour of the podcast, we’re off to DAY IV, which starts out with Fog CultSecret CutterCosmic ShakedownMarching Teeth (a personal fav of mine, from Brooklyn),and the star attractions: Wretch (featuring members of The Gates of Slumber), Elder, and the one and only Weedeater

When all is said and done, I even find time to close the podcast with MORE new music: Salem’s Pot (have you heard their brand new single???), Black Capricorn (Italian doom that never disappoints), Wovoka (from Los Angeles, where the virtual entity known as Frank resides), and close with one of the two new singles from Alunah's new album, 'Awakening The Forest' (2014 - Napalm Records).


Doomed & Stoned to Sponsor DESTROYER FEST!

VERY pleased to announce that Doomed & Stoned will be an official sponsor of this year’s Destroyer Fest, which will feature the likes of WeedeaterHolly HuntCave of SwimmersHollow Leg—you know, those amazing heavy doom-stoner-sludge bands we cover here, on our blog (, and weekly radio show on Grip of Delusion Radio (podcast on Mixcloud)…plus many other bands we’ll be introducing you to between now and November 15th, when DESTROYER FEST takes off in the Tampa Bay area! 

Proceeds from this year’s fest will be donated to Epilepsy Services Foundation, In. in honor of Epilepsy Awareness Month.  Stay tuned for exciting news, interviews, and general cool shit!


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